Meet our team

     JA Simulations is a product development & design firm located in Denver, Colorado.

We specialize in product design & development of mechanical products & systems

We utilize virtual prototypes & simulation to develop concepts and prototypes. 

Utilizing this approach we can get to market faster for less cost,

with higher quality and innovation

     Up to 80 percent of the cost of a product is determined early in the design process.

By simulating the performance of the initial concept upfront,

we can optimize the product for cost & performance


Travis Jacobs


     Travis Graduated From the University of Utah, college of engineering in 2004.  He has spent many years working for the aerospace industry as well as the industrial sector.   Learning the best practices in simulation & product development from these industries, he has a great deal of experience & expertise.  Product development is tough and there are lots of obstacles to overcome along the way.


     We can help you get to market with high quality innovative products in less time for lower cost.

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