We Need A Compass .. Not A Map

Building A Bridge To Innovation


Innovation & Leadership

Solving Problems As A Team


Where everyone contributes, is actively engaged and contributing their best ideas to solve the problem.


There are no set rules for creativity and ingenuity.

Problems get solved with every brain in the game, thinking creatively and acting decisively.


We all see things differently, we all see different things.

The true power of teamwork can be harnessed if we can see things as a team from different perspectives and different angles at the same time.

Friction occurs when we are looking at the same thing from different angles and different perspectives, this is when confusion occurs and teamwork starts to break down.


The thinking hats approach orients the team to look at the same thing, from the same direction, from the same distance, at the same time.


Denver looks quite different from 30,000 feet than it does at ground level.

Estes Park looks different 100 miles away, then it does hiking along the trail.

Even though you are talking about the same thing, Denver in this case, the two perspectives are very different.


Teamwork is the key to innovation, trust and respect are the keys to teamwork, and communication is the key to building trust.

Teamwork is the key to execution and accomplishing the mission.

Communicating up and down the chain of command is the key to success.


Here are a few tactics, techniques & procedures to increase team communication.

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