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People Hate Their Jobs & You Can't Get Anything Done!! Have You Tried The Talking Football?

Feb 14, 2018 6:28:00 PM / by Travis Jacobs





A toxic culture is where innovation, teamwork and creativity go to die, not to mention customer satisfaction and productivity. Are you struggling to get anything done?

Are you blaming others for missing your goals ... If only I could hire competent hard working people ... people are so lazy, incompetent and entitled these days ... no on wants to work anymore ...

That is a nice and convenient excuse you are telling yourself that absolves you of any responsibility ... It is also complete and total bullshit ... you are the problem ... stop blaming the victim princess & put on your big girl panties and get to work. A bit of Extreme Ownership and Leadership might help.

Leadership is contagious and infectious ... both good leadership and bad leadership. If you blame everyone else for you problems and nothing is ever your fault ... well guess what your team will pick up on that and do the same. This creates a toxic culture of blame, finger pointing and scapegoating. But wait ... you are the leader ... you are perfect and nothing is ever your fault ... you are the victim ... It's always someone else's fault.

There is no reason why you should dread going into work on Monday, but lots of people hate their jobs, only 30 percent of Americans are engaged at work and salaried employees only do about 3 hours of real work per day, by the way open offices don't work

A Ping Pong table, free coffee, and wearing Birkenstocks to work doesn't qualify as a "Good Culture"

If any of those "fluffy perks" worked than why are remote workers more productive than office workers?

It's more complicated than that, but boils down to a few simple concepts, a toxic culture can be characterized by the following.

  • Lack Of Trust
  • Lack Of Respect
  • Lack Of Honest Communication
  • Excessive Ego
  • Micromanagement
  • Blaming & Scapegoating
  • Excessive Bureaucracy, Politics & Red Tape

The Talking Football, is a tool for leadership and innovation, When you combine this with the philosophy of Extreme Ownership you can unleash an avalanche of teamwork, creativity, innovation and most importantly Leadership.

This is a Yin Yang approach to leadership and innovation. The basic philosophy is you can go faster if you take your foot of the brake driving down the interstate.

By removing the bureaucracy, politics, red tape, bullshit and all the other obstacles, you can go much farther as a team. Instead of "giving it more gas" just take your foot of the brake.

If you treat people like prison inmates on Alcatraz and then blame them for being unhappy ... I call that blaming the victim. This is part of the problem ... you can't treat people like garbage and expect them to be happy about it.

The difference between prison and work, is that in prison you spend the majority of your time in an 8' X 10' cell, At work you spend most of your time in a 6' X 8' cubicle.

The iceberg of ignorance states that the people on the "front lines" know more about the problems the company is facing than senior management does, and more importantly how to solve them.

A person that has 10 years of experience sweeping the floor, knows far more about it than his boss. They will know which type of broom works best for which application, and buying a cheap broom that will last maybe a week before needing to be replaced is a bad idea.


"The person who sweeps the floor

 should choose the broom"


A 3 step process to implementing the Talking Football

  1. The 7 Thinking Hats

Try it out on a small simple project, two or three times.

2. The Talking Football & the neutral talking hat.

Incorporate the Talking Football & the Six Thinking Hats, again two or three times

3. The "Penalty Flags"

a. Leadership & Teamwork

b. Bureucrap

c. Stop Doing

d. Bull Sh*t

e. Charlie Fox

f. Screw You

Incorporate the "Penalty Flags" one at a time in order, adding a new "penalty flag" each time


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Travis Jacobs

Written by Travis Jacobs

Travis is the president of JA Simulations, a product design & development firm in Denver Colorado. We help clients solve problems & get to market faster with innovative & high quality products

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