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Why Can't We @#$%&* Innovate!!??

Aug 19, 2018 6:31:00 PM / by Travis Jacobs


"Engineers are so @#$* lazy these days ... constantly complaining about doing it right the first time or some other stupid $#@* ... They are always behind schedule and over budget ....


Innovation is tough these days ...



How many meetings ... emails ... teleconferences ... do you sit through on a regular basis ... that sound like this?

If we are being honest with ourselves ... it probably happens much more than it should.

You might be thinking ... the problem is everyone else ... not me ... that's funny ... that's the same thing everyone else says.

So if everyone is thinking that the problem is everyone else ... that very thought is the problem.

The thinking that "the problem" is out there, is the problem.

Let me put it to you as bluntly as possible ... If you think that your sh*t don't stink, you walk on water and you are perfect ... everyone you work with @#$%& hates you and you are the real problem.

This especially applies to leadership ... if you think the rules don't apply to you because you are in charge ... or you sign their paychecks ... then you are the real reason why your team can't innovate. Take a good look in the mirror ... it's all your fault ... and you only have yourself to blame.

You're probably thinking that this guy is an a**hole and doesn't know what the hell he is talking about!! I may be an a**hole, but that doesn't mean I'm completely wrong either. The response you are feeling right now where you want to reach through the computer and choke the life out of me ... that is your ego talking ... Denial and anger are the two most common responses when we don't want to hear something.

If you micromanage your people because you think "they are stupid" then why the hell did you hire them in the first place!? If you don't trust your people, then why do you continue to pay their salary?

If you are thinking "you can't find good people these days" ... that very thought is the problem ... and you are your own worst enemy. Why don't you just fire "all of the unhappy people" and do everything yourself!


There Are No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders


People aren't commodities ... if you treat a person like a commodity they will act like it. If you pay someone for their time that is exactly what you will get and that is all you will get.

Parkinson's law states "work expands to fill the time available"

If you pay someone just enough so they won't quit they will do just enough work to not get fired.

They will pretend to "look busy" when you walk by.

If you treat a person like a commodity as soon as they find a better job they will say @#$& you and quit.


Leadership Lessons From A Navy Seal


Cheap labor is a myth ...


car lift


Trying to do things on the cheap is usually more expensive


pixie dust too

The Pixie dust approach never works out well for anyone ...

So what the hell does this have to do with anything!!??

In turns out .... everything ...

Innovation ... Teamwork ... Respect ... Trust ... Honest Communication ... Humility ...

If you can't say "I Was Wrong" ... "I Don't Know" "I'm An A**hole ... Sorry" ... you'll never get anywhere

If everything is "Always Someone Else's Fault" ... you'll never get anywhere.

Humility is the key to leadership ... Leadership is the key to building trust and respect ... trust and respect are the key to open and honest communication ... open and honest communication is the key to innovation.

Without leadership ... Innovation is a house of cards ...




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Travis Jacobs

Written by Travis Jacobs

Travis is the president of JA Simulations, a product design & development firm in Denver Colorado. We help clients solve problems & get to market faster with innovative & high quality products

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