Building A Bridge To Innovation

Disciplined Thought

The Talking Football 2.0

The Person Who Talks The Loudest ... Gets Their Way

How do you deal with the meeting bully ... 

The person who gradually raises their voice ... to be heard ...

The Person who likes to hear themselves talk ... monopolizing the conversation

Listening is crucial to teamwork and problem solving ...

The Talking Football is a simple & effective way to increase communication & teamwork



Who's On First

Who's On First ... What's On Second

Do you ever feel like your meetings ... emails & work conversations are just like the Abbott & Costello routine ....

You keep talking about the same thing and asking the same questions .... 

But yet ... there isn't any real understanding taking place ...


The Thinking Hats

  • Blue ... Leadership
  • Red ... Emotions
  • Black ... Devil's Advocate
  • Yellow ... Value
  • Green ... Ideas
  • White ... Facts
  • Silver ... Solutions

The Pink Elephant

The Elephant In The Room ... You Can't Talk About

One of the biggest problems in business and especially product development is the lack of open and honest communication.

You spend months & a truckload of money developing a product ... only to have it fail.

Everyone "knew" it was a bad idea .. but no one said anything ...

This is where the "I Told You So"  and the Scapegoating starts ...

The troops on the front line told the commander ... but he wasn't listening ... 


The Awareness Hats

  1. The Pink Hat .. The Pink Elephant
    • the problem we all know is there ... but have trouble discussing
  2. The Brown Hat .. Waste
  3. The Orange Hat .. Situational Awareness
    • What's The Score



Jack & His Team

$500,000 & Six Months ... Wasted

Jack and his team ... just wasted $500,000 & 6 months on a product no one wanted

Jack's story is far too common ... they failed because they couldn't overcome the obstacles to innovation


Jack's team failed for 3 main reasons

  1. Lack of leadership ... excessive ego
  2. Lack of communication ... leaders refused to listen
  3. They didn't listen to the customer ... we know what the customer wants



The Iceberg Of Ignorance

Only 4 percent of problems are known to the guys at the top

The case for decentralized command ...

The person who sweeps the floor ... should choose the broom .. as well as a plan to sweep the place

It is difficult in the case of complications, to communicate swiftly and efficiently with the chain of command to adapt the mission to the new circumstances.

Decentralizing command means that the mission and its limits have been formally defined by senior leaders ... who have an overview of the mission ... but the details of execution are left to the troops on the front lines.

commanders intent is the description and definition of what a successful mission looks like ... what does winning look like



We help leaders solve problems, teams to work together more effectively and companies to get products to market faster with higher quality for lower cost.

In today's fast paced and chaotic environment, the margin for error is small, with tight schedules and even tighter budgets.

We use a broad range of strategy & tactics to solve problems and create new & innovative solutions.

Leadership is the most important factor on any battlefield.


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