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We Need A Compass .. Not A Map

A North Star To Follow


Virtual Experiments

Better Products Thru Simulation

We Can't Afford To Release Bad Products

80 percent of the total cost of a product is determined early in the design process.

Solving design problems in the beginning of the design process, when it's still a concept in a computer ... is exponentially cheaper and faster ... than solving them once the product is in the customer's hands.

Once the problems have been designed in ... it's expensive to fix them ... it causes a domino effect. Every minor change cascades to every other part ... unintended consequences result.

By using virtual experiments we can find problems early ... we can explore all the options digitally ... we can take out unnecessary cost ... without taking out the quality

Building and breaking our way to innovation takes too long and costs too much


Virtual Experiments

  1. Design out the problems ... instead of manufacturing them in.
  2. Take out unnecessary cost ... not unnecessary quality.
  3. Finding design flaws
  4. Finding better designs
  5. Predict product performance in the real world
  6. Quality & innovation


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Innovation &


80 percent of the total cost of a products design is determined by decisions made early in the design process.

These decisions get harder & more expensive to fix as the product gets closer to the customers hands

We use a virtual test lab to design these problems out .. instead of manufacturing them in



Leadership is the single most important factor on any battlefield .. 

Extreme Ownership .. take full responsibility for what is happening or has happened.

Commander's Intent is the description & definition of what a successful mission looks like



Do you ever feel like your meetings & emails are an Abbott & Costello routine ...

Who's On First .. What's On Second .. 

We use the Talking Football & the Thinking Hats to eliminate "Who's On First" syndrome.

It's a simple tool to give everyone a voice & to have everyone's voice heard


Strategy &


What to design is more important than how to design it.

Planning is a mechanism for disciplined thought .. to confront the brutal facts

The Hedgehog Concept

  1. Passionate About
  2. Best At
  3. Resource Engine
    1. Time
    2. Money
    3. Brand



No battle plan survives contact with the enemy ... or the customer.

In a dynamic & fast changing environment ... things happen ... Captain Murphy always shows up ... at the worst possible time.

Avoid the good ... the bad ... the ugly ... and move the project closer to the ideal project

How do you close the gap between strategy & execution ...

Leadership & Communication


Threats &


On any project there are bound to be threats ... obstacles ... waste.

The key to accomplishing the mission is to neutralize the threats .. eliminate the obstacles ...

The biggest threat on any project ...

The problems you can't see ...

The problems you can't talk about ...

The Iceberg Of Ignorance ... can be deadly to any project ... especially the ones that are unsinkable


Leadership, Product Design & Eliminating Costly Mistakes That Derail Projects & Drive Them Into The Ground.

The #1 rule of product development .. things happens ..
What determines success or failure is how you respond when things go wrong.

There are only two options:

Option 1

Option 2

Do it right the first time .. It's faster & cheaper


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