Extreme Ownership

Leadership ... The Single Most Important Factor

Extreme ownership ... take full responsibility for what is happening or has happened.

The leaders motto:

If it's a good job .. they did it

If it's a bad job ... I did it

The four laws of innovation

  1. Cover & Move
  2. Simple
  3. Prioritize & Execute
  4. Decentralized Command

Commanders Intent

Mission Planning

Commanders intent is the description & definition of what a successful mission looks like

What does winning look like?

What is the end state?

A successful plan consists of 5 pieces

  1. Strategy
  2. Tactics
  3. Logistics
  4. Contingency Plans
  5. How do we execute to win

The CEO Challenge

I'm In Charge ... Now What?

You've just been made the CEO at your company ... think of all the waste ... inefficiency & stupid things that your company does on a regular basis

What is your plan to fix things

The plan must include a 100 word problem statement and your commanders intent to address the following

  1. strategy 
  2. tactics
  3. logistics
  4. contingency plans

Each piece of the plan will fit on a 5x8 index card

4 cards plus one problem statement card

The Ideal Project

Just Add Leadership ... Extreme Ownership

The ideal project is ... a team of highly intelligent people who mutually trust & respect each other ... solving complex problems with humble and competent leadership ... open and honest communication

A true team who execute to win with excellence ... adapt and overcome challenges and obstacles


The ideal project has 4 pieces

  1. Leadership & Communication
  2. Who ... what ... why ... how ... where
  3. Nuetralizing threats & eliminating waste
  4. autopsies without blame

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned From Many Failed Projects

The 3 biggest reasons projects fail

  1. Unrealistic Expectations
  2. Unrealistic schedule
  3. unrealistic budget

Don't rush it

the 3 biggest things i see rushed in product development ... which are crucial to success

at the begining

  • strategy
  • planning

at the end

  • testing

Leadership, Product Design & Eliminating Costly Mistakes That Derail Projects & Drive Them Into The Ground.

You can go faster if you take your foot off the brake ...

Identifying & removing threats ... waste & obstacles are key on any project.

A plan is just a list of things that didn't happen ... 

Captain Murphy ... He's always right on time ... he shows up at the worst possible time

It costs a lot to create bad products ... it costs even more to have your customers tell you about it


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We help organizations from Startups to mid-sized teams build the foundations needed for sustainable growth.

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The result is simple ... speed to market ... increased revenue ... happy customers ... quality products


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