Strategy & Tactics

Building A Bridge To Innovation

Confront The Brutal Facts

The Hedgehog Concept

The Hedgehog Concept

  1.  What Are You Deeply Passionate About
  2. What Can You Be The Best In The World At
  3. What Drives Your Resource Engine
    • Time
    • Money
    • Brand



What To Design

Who Is The Customer

  1. What does the customer consider added value
    1. What will the customer pay for
  2. What does the customer consider waste & excess
    1. What will they not pay for
  3. Who Is not your customer

What Is The Job To Be Done

  1. What is the specific problem you are solving
  2. What are the problems and challenges they face on a daily basis
  3. What are they wants & needs of the customer
    1. Do you understand the difference between the two
  4. Who Is The Customer



Disciplined Thought

A Mechanism For Disciplined Thought

Confront The Brutal Facts

Planning is a mechanism for disciplined thought ... 

Where we are going ... why we are going there ...

The obstacles ... threats ... challenges ...

That will prevent us from accomplishing the mission ...


Planning Is Priceless ... Plans Are Useless

Where you are headed is more important than how fast you are going

If you don't know where you are going ... any road will get you there

Here are some simple & effective tools

The Talking Football ... to give everyone a voice .. to have everyone's voice heard

The Thinking Hats ... Who's on first ... what's on second ... I don't know is on third

The Pink Elephant ... we all know it's there ... but no one wants to point it out

Commanders Intent is the description and definition of what a successful mission looks like


Grizzly's Laws ... Contingency Planning 



The Product Design Equation

The Balancing Act Between

Quality, Schedule & Budget

Good ... Fast ...  Cheap ... Pick Any Two


Warranties and product recalls are the most expensive way to develop a product 

The only thing more expensive than stretching the schedule ... is accelerating it

We never have time to do it right ... but we always have time to do it over ... and over .. and over



Bullets Then Cannonballs

Sun Tzu & The Art Of Innovation

The small victories add up to a big victory

Win ten yards at a time .. 

Take baby steps ..  

Fail fast ... fail often ... but make sure the risk is covered

Don't sink the ship ... the waterline principle

scout and recon

fire bullets ... then cannonballs


The 4 Laws Of Innovation

  1.  Cover & Move
  2. Simple
  3. Prioritize & Execute
  4. Decentralized Command


Sun Tzu & The Art Of Leadership

 5 circumstances in which victory can be predicted

  1. The leader who knows when to fight
  2. The leader who knows how & when to use large & small forces
  3. The leader whose ranks are united in purpose
  4. The leader who is prepared and lies in wait for the enemy
  5. The leader whose officers are able and not interfered with by the chief



We help leaders solve problems, teams to work together more effectively and companies to get products to market faster with higher quality for lower cost.

In today's fast paced and chaotic environment, the margin for error is small, with tight schedules and even tighter budgets.

We use a broad range of strategy & tactics to solve problems and create new & innovative solutions.

Leadership is the most important factor on any battlefield.


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